Tuesday, April 20, 2010

away with you Rain!

Yes the Rain has gotten to me. I really wanted to be outside today transplanting Peppers. Why? I'm so bad at staying in the office all day working on projects I'd really like to procrastinate on. So right 'bout now I'm a bit on the grump/crabby side of emotions. On top of the rain, I did have to work on Sunday, because of the impending rain. See how rain kind of rules my life 'bout now?

Instead of resting and relaxing and goofing off on Sunday like a good Farmer should , I was out on the Tractor prepping beds for the peppers to go into. glad I did cause on Monday they had to get covered before the impeding possible rain. Most did and they will soon see nice healthy vibrant Peppers plants transplanted into them. A few didn't get covered so now after the rain they are a bit on the wet side, way to wet to cover, and way to wet to plant into, so now Eggplant gets pushed back a bit waiting for the soil to dry a bit. See why I might be a bit grumpy?

I'll try and see the bright side, which is over the next few weeks I can probably get all the ground worked up at least once helping along field preparation, of course first it has to dry out, and before this last rain it was at the perfect moisture levels to work, and this rain will make all the grass that's hand mowed grow faster so now the bright sides gone and lasted only a few fleeting moments.

Oh the life of a Farmer, some days rejoicing that the rain has come, other days having your whole day/week challenged by some little falling drops of water.


At 12:19 PM, Anonymous Amanda at Enchanted Fig said...

Hey now, Just found your blog and farm...my husband and I and our 9 ninth old are looking for connections and opportunities for farm learning with agriculture, poultry and livestock. Interested in seeing your farm, you take visitors?

At 12:51 PM, Blogger matthew said...

amanda yes we do take visitors go to pyramidfarms.com and contact us with your email and we can arrange a tour.


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